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At Valley Neuropsychology Group, we are here to help you find the right path to treatment for your neurological disorders. Our very qualified medical professionals ensure that your medical diagnosis is both fast and accurate, leading us to provide answers quicker than other locations. We inform the necessary parties about the need for services, and then implement the correct treatments for the patient. Our expert staff members and doctors pride themselves on having a reliable, helpful service to our patients.

We offer over 30 years experience, and have been the Lehigh Valley’s only source for neuropsychological testing and treatment. The team at Valley Neuropsychology Group have been extensively trained in a wide range of disorders and treatments. We love the work we do, and the people we are so lucky to work with to find what works best for them! Visit our office, located in Allentown PA, is here to meet the needs of you and your loved ones. We offer short wait times, fast turnaround, and an all around superior service. Call today for your next appointment.

Valley Neuropsychology Group

Learning Disability Services

Our objective evaluations provide us with unbiased data as to assess an individual’s cognitive and emotional functioning.

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We can provide independent second opinions, assist legal counsel with court testimony, and perform as expert witnesses.

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ADHD Testing

We conduct a thorough assessment of cognitive abilities to determine the presence of attention deficits and other learning barriers to school and work performance.

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Competency Evaluation

Our focus is on understanding and treating cognitive and emotional difficulties in a professional, yet personal, manner.

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